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Why is digital estate planning so important

If you haven’t included your digital accounts and assets in your estate planning, your digital life will outlive you, which could cause your family problems for weeks, months and even years. If you've already created your estate planning documents, you may have decided who will inherit your jewelry, antiques, and even your house. But have you decided who will get everything you own online?

Most of us today live a digital life to some extent. Not identifying who can access to these online financial accounts or even social media accounts can be detrimental to your loved ones. There's more value to a digital account than most people think, even if it's not monetary value.

At first glance, online accounts may not seem like a big deal. Most of these assets don't have monetary value, but they can have sentimental value. Some accounts could even be used against your character if you were to leave them open when you die. The risks are high if you don't live in a state (Massachusetts is one of three states who has not passed digital asset protection legislation) where a legally binding document specifies who has access to your digital assets when you die.

That's why estate planning for digital assets is an important part of your overall estate plan. It protects your assets (monetary and non-monetary) while preserving your character and protecting your loved ones.

Without a digital estate plan, your loved ones may not have access to certain digital assets they need. For example, if you have your family heirloom photos in an online account and didn't share the password and permission to access them with your loved ones, they can't access them when you die. They may not be able to access financial information to pay bills, cover medical or funeral expenses. In many cases, the medical or funeral wishes cannot be accessed causing heartache for years to come.

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